2020 has been a great conduit for change.

2020 forced many of us out of our comfort zones, to places that confront fears and injustices head on. Due to the pandemic, many of us were limited from familiar coping skills and support, such as family or friends. Much of what 2020 brought led to a deepening in looking inward. For some of us, we were familiar and perhaps comfortable with that process. I observed others getting in touch with themselves perhaps for the first time without distractions to compete with that necessary process, and that can prove challenging as well.

Growth doesn’t happen when we are comfortable. That discomfort can prompt innovation and creativity when you have resilience skills to also navigate it. If this happened 2 years ago, before I really got deep in my own inner work, I’m sure I would have ended up in a much different perspective and experience of the year.

However, 2020 has served as an accelerator for my healing. I was shaken out of my comfort zone in so many ways and 2020 no doubt brought a lot of hardship my way as well. But, it is often through hardship that we connect to the deepest parts of ourselves. So many lessons were learned in the process of navigating turbulent seas.

I gained more respect for myself, better boundaries, and how to say No. I made self care a balanced focus with work/responsibilities.

I developed habits and hobbies that I’ve always wanted to do but didn’t have the time for—because they met me halfway by being offered virtually.

I said yes to things despite fear or uncertainty because on a deeper level they were each something I knew I needed to explore. I grew and learned so much in classes I felt pulled to take. I am still growing and exploring the SMI certificate program through the New York Open Center, learning about how sound can be used to enhance Neuroplasticity in hopes of developing more resilience resources for others on their healing journeys.

So, thank you 2020.
Here’s to emerging more in 2021. 🦋

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