Recovery is on the Horizon

Online Neuroplasticity Program — coming soon!

What we have in our surroundings can serve as a source of support + encouragement.

Illustrated by Alina, these products offer a simple way to cultivate and inspire restorative thought pathways for yourself and those around you.

Have you tried a neuroplasticity-based program already, but are still not sure how to integrate it into your life?

We currently offer coaching services for brain retraining through email, phone, or Zoom. 

We launched in 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic in response to limited access to + an increasing need for mental health resources.

We create and curate evidence-based tools to manage mental, emotional, and physical manifestations of stress during and following unprecedented challenges.

Our products and services are rooted in science and cultivated through the arts.

Learn more about our story and the creator of Brain Gardening

Your brain is a garden.
Your thoughts are the seeds.
Nourish the flowers and
pluck out the weeds.

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