What is Neuroplasticity?

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s amazing capacity to change & adapt.

Trauma can functionally and structurally change our brain. 

Negative experiences can create new patterns of thought, behavior, and even symptoms. 

Our brain can also be rewired when fighting off pathogens or dis-ease.

If the nervous system is in defense or offense mode for an extended period of time, our brain may adapt to accept it as the new normal and remain stuck in a hypervigilant state even when the pathogen has been removed or dis-ease resolved.

Likewise, if we experience a physical injury, our brain’s network of pain receptors may be strengthened so that pain persists even when the injury has healed. 

Despite our best efforts, these kinds of negative experiences are not always preventable. So how can we still overcome and heal?

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to adapt and change across our lifetime. 

We are empowered to undo the negative effects of trauma as well as undesired patterns of thought and behavior. 

Our brain can functionally and structurally adapt to optimize our body and resolve symptoms. 

With the brain as messenger, we can support our nervous system in repairing physical and functional damage from pathogens and dis-ease. Our thoughts and behaviors have the ability to generate biochemicals that can be supportive or destructive to healing. 

Do you believe your brain may be stuck in or overfiring the fight / flight / freeze response?

Brain Gardening will soon be offering individual and group support programs for implementing neural-retraining techniques, as well as self-guided materials and products in our online store.

Free resources are currently available on our social media channels as well as through our blog and email list.


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