My wish for you…
✨Peace, including Inner Peace
✨Love, including Self Love
✨Joy, in whatever forms you find it.

Wishing you a joyous and peaceful holiday season. Happy Holidays 💗

Even during a “normal” year, the holiday season can be a lot to manage. If you’re at a place where you are anchored into the joy of the season, congratulations (I say that authentically with no sarcasm). I myself am still in the process of breaking past patterns and negative associations with the holiday season, and am allowing myself to purposefully cultivate and experience joy to offer more balance to past imprinting. This process is still new and imperfect, but that is all okay because it’s still serving to break up old patterns of unhelpful thoughts or behaviors that sink deeper into the pit of despair.

I write this post today for those who may not be feeling the joy right now or are feeling buried in other feelings instead as you move through your day.

This holiday season may look different than years past. Maybe the joy is harder to access, or maybe joy is pouring in now after a deficit experienced earlier in the year. Whatever it is for you, I offer you a moment of recentering and grounding. Feel free to replay this meditation video and return to it again if you find yourself needing a moment of grounding in the days ahead.

Feel free to ignore the breath prompts, which are there as a reference to deep breathing meant to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, if you experience any discomfort and focus on the sound and/or imagery.

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